Art created with watercolor and acrylic paints


About Me

My Background


Welcome to my world of color, ideas and expression through my eyes and my hands.  Art has always been a meaningful part of my life and to be able to share any part of it is one of my dreams.  I am a watercolor artist who has a desire to paint whatever comes my way and intrigues me.  I paint a myriad of subjects and am deeply involved with them all.

My Medium


The medium I use is water media, mainly watercolor and sometimes acrylics, depending upon my mood and what I want to accomplish.  Each idea manifests in its own individual style.  I am drawn to using watercolor canvas, yet still paint on watercolor paper.  I dabble in realistic paintings and explore a more impressionistic style of painting.

My Inspiration


 Inspiration comes in so many forms, from looking at the way nature forms the clouds, the ever changing colours of trees and the seasons.  Inspiration comes from the playful animals and creatures that God has presented to us and sometimes the inspiration comes from the look in someone's eyes and what has just happened to them.  If one is able to capture the eyes of whatever the subject then you have the soul of the painting.

My Blog


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Welcome to another part of my life, Book Adventures

Because of so many questions that need answers, Margaret ends up feeling lost and confused.  She decides to get lost in an adventure, which leads her to find her one of her life's purposes and regain her identity.